Galéria Dobrá hračka (Good Toy Gallery)

About the gallery:

Interactive family gallery where you will play with the brain. Original stations with professions will bring you to the world of firemen, doctors or archaeologists. Try all the professions, driving on a traffic playground and other attractions. Wise playing awaits you in the area of 500 m2.

You can have a good toy also at home

A shop specialized on a sale of untraditional toys is a part of the gallery. Thanks to them you not only can enjoy fun when playing, you can also engage brain.

Prior reservation is recommended!


Distance from Hotel Patria****:23 km
Gallery address:Galéria Dobrá Hračka
Tatranská Lomnica č.87
059 60
Opening hours:Mon-Sun: 9:00-18:00

Telephone reservations

+421 911 544 217


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Galéria Dobrá hračka (Good Toy Gallery)

Many toys and attractions in the area of 500 m2


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