Regenerate, acquire new energy and relax by the pleasant massage. Let our wellness staff take care of your comfort and relax in our massage centre. Beneficial effects of the massage will come immediately and you will feel like a born-again person full of energy.

22Nov 2019Friday
Herbal oil massage with body candle application
45 min
35.00 /person

The body candle is made of cotton, beeswax and rosemary oils.  The heat created by candle burning will release accumulated fat and drain off it from your body.
Then begins the healing process of organism and your body is acquited of toxicants.

Relaxing massage
45 min
35.00 /person


Relaxing body massage with heated Herb Oil, applying a warmed Herb bag on problem body parts.

30 min
22.00 /person

Cupping massage is one of the oldest types of massage. Slightly warmed up glass cup is placed on skin and is fastened to a concrete place. Cupping is beneficial for the whole body, it improves blood circulation and cleans the blood. This type of massage is recommended mainly for congestion of hands and feet and in case of headaches, pains in neck, back and joints. Cupping will solve your problems with kidneys, stomach and gall-bladder. The massage has also proved good effects in case of cellulitis removal.

Polynesian massage
30 min
35.00 /person

You will get peace of mind and perfect vital relaxation by 30-minute massage which is swift and stimulating. It provides intensive pulls that will surprise everybody who has not experienced such a type of massage yet. Balsam and luxury massage oil for deep massage to remove stress and tension is used by the massage.

Reflexion massage of feet
30 min
25.00 /person

In case of reflexion massage of feet the massage is carried out on the basis of reflexion zones while concrete points of feet are stimulated with the aim to release the parts of the body connected with the feet. Reflexion massage is a great option for cervical and lumbar spines problems, as well as for other problems as asthma or allergy. The massage contributes to the overall harmonization of the organism, relaxation and detoxification.

Reflexion massage
20 min
16.00 /person

Physiotherapist will select the technique and touches that he will use by reflexion massage according to the current condition of your organism. Areas with changed sensibility of skin are searched in this type of massage. The masseur is more intensively focused on these areas. The massage is suitable in case of pains of cervical spine, shoulder muscles as well as in case if you suffer from migraine.

Classic massage
30 min
24.00 /person

Classic massage belongs to the most sought-after and popular massages. A masseur will select intensity and pressure of massage movements as you wish. The oil used during the massage will provide nice slip that will make the massage a pleasant and relaxing procedure. The massage is suitable mainly for improving of blood circulation, it repairs the nerve and hormone systems, removes muscle stress and contributes to the relaxation of the whole organism.

Body strengthening massage
30 min
35.00 /person

Massage has got impact on structure of the skin, subcutaneous fat and muscles. It also heals the disorders of phoroblast.


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