Breath-taking mountains, great skiing, many winter attractions and unforgettable adventures – this is how High Tatras look like in winter. Do you prefer view of Tatras peaks lighted by the sun? Light as well as more demanding hiking and biking tours, paddling and beautiful views in summer will definitely win you over. Tatras are worth discovering during the entire year. We will be happy if you decide to discover them with us.

High Tatrasin winter

If you have strong desire for a real winter, High Tatras are the ideal place for winter hiking, sports and walks. Experience fun by skiing, ski mountaineering, snowmobiles or dog sledding. Enjoy fresh snow on Tatras peaks or try real adrenaline by many activities offered by Tatras.

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High Tatrasin summer

Drift along by the wonderful sceneries of our highest mountains and discover High Tatras and their surrounding from a close perspective. Visit lakes, take a walk through the valleys or climb up the alpine peaks that will fascinate you with their majesty and unrepeatable views. Get to know Tatras fauna and flora and enjoy adventures that you won´t forget.

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